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Sugar Loaf Guild : journeymen full time working artists and artisans


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated December 28, 2016 | By Bob Fugett

    Historic Museum of Sugar Loaf, New York

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Here is the definitive collection of historic photos of Sugar Loaf, New York.
It is all about the work.
This page displays aesthetic items and structures that were made in Sugar Loaf by a long list of successful resident artists along with a few examples of outside artists who have maintained a close and important relationship with the hamlet.
On inception the focus of the Museum was to be a display of products from former Sugar Loaf Artists of the not too distant past, works through which those who have gone on to other things filled the world with treasures that helped establish Sugar Loaf's long standing reputation as a tiny Mecca for excellence in the arts.
However, it soon became apparent that a large number of the artists here during the hey day are still open for business and doing better than ever, so a smattering of older work from existing studios is found in the museum as well.
This page serves as an addition to the Sugar Loaf Historic Photos (now titled Locations) and satisfies the widespread request for more details that came after the vaunted publication of the Guild website with its true insider story of Sugar Loaf.
The stories below and throughout the rest of this website describe Sugar Loaf: its history, clarity, and logic providing the rational basis for the ongoing presence of full time working artists who live and thrive in a true artists community ... something so rare most people do not even know what the term means.
Lots of people assume they know what an artists community is, but the term has been so distorted by marketing firms and branders that one might think every roadside strip mall or mega shopping center or grant driven urban renewal project is an artists community.
If you are in doubt about the term artists community (and you should be) read the ten quick stories at Bobs Corner.
For more about the process which created this page click the "Show Help" button below, otherwise scroll down and enjoy the images of great Sugar Loaf art interspersed with narrative descriptions.
For convenience of continuity Guild members have decided Bob should speak mostly in first person.
Ironically this page quickly became a history of its own creation in addition to its explanation of "How they did it in Sugar Loaf!"
Anybody who would like to add to the discussion (or photos) can drop by the Endico studio and let their feelings be known while gathering up an e-mail address for submittals.


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Sugar Loaf, New York  10981