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Sugar Loaf Guild : The Hidden History of Sugar Loaf, NY


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated Dec 28, 2016 | By Bob Fugett

    1980 Events Brochure, Sugar Loaf, New York

      [  1980 Brochure  |  Fred Ungar  |  Ezra Decker ]

1980 Events Brochure
Sugar Loaf, NY

Below is the historic Sugar Loaf, New York, 1980 Events Brochure.

Circa 1980 Sugar Loaf was hosting at least one (1) major event every single month of the year, and top quality artists would travel from as far away as California to be participants in the highest quality most carefully juried events in the United States.

A major instigator of the monthly events and the de facto full-time volunteer advertising paste-up artist was Jon Baugh, though we all did much volunteer work and our own paste-up ... PressType had become a hamlet staple.

Click on the brochure ads below to view Walking Map locations which provide links to the current shops found at each historic location.


Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf, New York, 1980 Events Brochure - Outside
click on ads for walking map location
with hotlink to shop found there now
(Full Size PDF - 10 Meg)

Sugar Loaf, New York, 1980 Events Brochure - Outside
click on ads for walking map location
with hotlink to shop found there now
(Full Size PDF - 10 Meg)




Paintings In Glass was Jon Baugh, and access to his shop was from the Romer's Alley entrance to what is currently Katwalk.

Rob Wright Sculpture and Pottery Studio soon moved from the Red Barn (top of Scott's Meadow) to what is now Pisces Passions on Kings Highway.

Later Syms Jewelry would buy the building housing the Rob Wright Gallery (now Pisces Passions), and Milt and Sylvia would move their jewelry and collectables business into the building after Rob and Linda built their post and beam house in Warwick and moved the studio.

Bob Fugett and Mary Endico of Fantasy Factory were already in their current location on Kings Highway and had not yet dropped the name in favor of Endico Watercolors (and KeyTap) due to the number of weird phone calls they were getting plus the possible conflict with Fantasy Records for use of Fantasy Factory as a music record label.

Great Buffalo Leather Works was the primary precursor of what is now Into Leather; soon after Great Buffalo closed Roy Beaudelaire (a Scott's Meadow artist) noticed the continued flow of people asking for handmade custom leather goods, so Roy said, "Yeah, I can learn how to do that," and took over the business; after Roy and his wife Karen left for greener pastures in Florida state, Paula and Eli Agi began servicing the already established clientele from a new location on Kings Highway; in recent years they have been managing the business from afar.

Unfortunately after the great migration of artists moved from Scott's Meadow to the main street (Zungoli photography, Moon Angel jewelry and Boswell pottery among them, still here almost a half century later), the owners of the property misinterpreted the apparent ease with which artists were being successful in Sugar Loaf and proceeded to chop the Meadow buildings into a large number of tiny retail cubicles, so it became impossible to begin a business, create, produce, and succeed there while growing a following.

The current sad state of the Scott's Meadow buildings (more or less abandoned by absentee landlords) has become testament to a poorly understood situation prompting their business model that failed because it ignored the blood sport aspects of a life in the arts.

In any case it is often missed by newcomer businesses that being a creative artist, producing handmade one of a kind items that are not available anywhere else in the world, is the primary business model for success in Sugar Loaf.

It was like that back in 1980, and it remains true today in 2014.






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Sugar Loaf, New York  10981